Dr. Ibsen in his practice is leading the way in treating chronic pain patients, and should expand and continue to develop his care models for all clinics, leading the world, teaching doctors that there is more to patients than their pain. His ideas and beliefs are like none I have ever seen. He is truly a blessing and a contribution to anyone who needs a physician to care for them and believe in them. Dr. Ibsen is a physician who is truly looking for ways to get his patients off of narcotics and other medications and to lead the best quality of life available.

Kate L.


Dr. Mark Ibsen is a personable, compassionate, and intelligent individual with high moral standards and a singular commitment to the care of his patients.

Lisa L,, Ray F .Jake F.

Dr. Ibsen treated my illnesses and injuries with great care and effectiveness. When I needed further medical attention I decided to rely on Urgent Care Plus and support Dr. Ibsen.....I have not been disappointed.

Robert A.